A former judge and frequently retained private legal counsel to presidential cabinet secretaries, ambassadors, senior White House West Wing officials, Members of Congress, corporate CEOs, and high-profile public figures, Travis Lucas has built a nationally recognized practice assisting clients in the ways that government and business intersect. He advises clients on a broad range of legal, policy, legislative, and regulatory matters. Travis is widely viewed as an effective and creative lawyer because of his ability to analyze options, develop strategies, and present his clients’ positions in policy-making proceedings before the United States Congress, federal agencies, and The White House. Over the course of twenty-five years, his network within Washington, DC has become expansive. Travis strives to be a professional who is discreet, versatile, and low-drama, reflecting his many years of experience in high-level assignments. 

In 2018, Bloomberg Government, identified Travis as one of two lawyer-lobbyists in Washington, DC (singled out among 11,502 registered lobbyists) that had the highest year-to-year growth with the longest retention of clients over a multi-year period. 

Travis has developed a niche practice in being privately retained by corporate CEOs and executive directors of national trade associations as their advisor on navigating the ways of Washington. Among other clients, he is specially retained by a marquee, global entity with offices on every continent. He also serves as the Washington navigator for the fifth largest healthcare provider in America. Travis has represented MLB legend Nolan Ryan, San Antonio Spurs owner Peter Holt's business interests, corporate executives, presidential cabinet secretaries, ambassadors, White House West Wing officials, Members of Congress, and other high-profile public figures outside of government.

Travis began his Washington, DC experience over twenty-five years ago working in the congressional relations department of a federal agency where he was a liaison between the agency and Congress. Travis has also served as a chief of staff and counsel to a prominent, longtime Member of Congress, an appointed special assistant to the highest ranking official in an agency, and as retained private counsel to several public officials including several presidential cabinet secretaries, ambassadors, White House West Wing officials, and Members of Congress.

During a brief interruption from his public service in Washington, DC, Travis served as a presiding judge and magistrate where he disposed of over 50,000 contested cases, and presided over countless jury trials and contested dockets. Before taking his judicial post, he litigated cases in federal trial and appellate courts as an assistant attorney general, and before that, was a criminal prosecutor. While in these advocacy positions, he never lost a jury trial.

Travis is the senior partner of Lucas | Compton, a boutique private law firm with public policy consultancy and strategic communications service lines. Patrick Jephson, the former private secretary (chief of staff) to Princess Diana, and Gary Compton, the longtime counsel to energy magnate Boone Pickens, are some of his partners. Travis believes that by maintaining the firm as small and boutique, clients will benefit from high personal attention. The firms have an enviable ledger of evergreen clients who have been with the two firms for many years. 

Travis is admitted to practice law in the District of Columbia, Commonwealth of Virginia, and State of Texas, and is admitted to practice law before the United States Supreme Court and several federal trial and appellate courts where he has appeared as counsel.