Victoria is a healthcare attorney and healthcare policy consultant. She represents physicians, major practice groups, medical societies, hospitals, associations, and companies in the healthcare industry regarding administrative agency healthcare issues, policies, and procedures.  Her experience and extensive knowledge of agency rules, procedures, and policies coupled with her experience in working closely with state boards and hospital administrators, affords clients a seasoned and experienced representative.

Victoria Soto speaks frequently to hospitals and medical groups, and has honed skills for reaching others as a mediator, motivational speaker, and coach in the areas of leadership and public presence for today's professional in and out of the healthcare world. She is a frequent keynote speaker at major conferences.

Previously, Victoria served as a prosecuting attorney for a significant state medical licensing board where she resolved a record number of cases, becoming a leader among her peers in case resolution and agreed orders resulting from administrative disciplinary proceedings such as informal settlement conferences, show compliance proceedings, license committee hearings and state office of administrative hearings and mediations.